Arctic Dragon

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Arctic Dragon

The Arctic Dragon lives only in the frozen north, where temperatures are well below what most creatures can endure. It features characteristics associated with both mammals and reptilian dragons.

Scientific Name

Draco arctos


The Arctic Dragon has a coat of shaggy fur that helps keep it warm in its frozen habitat, like a mammal, and its face resembles that of a polar bear. However, its underside is scaled like a reptile. Its back and head are covered in thick, sharp spikes, and its feet resemble clawed paws. Its coloration is a range of pale blues, whites and purples, with a shimmering finish that helps it blend in among the snowy northern nights.


It is unknown how the Arctic Dragon managed to develop so many traits found in cold weather mammals, though there are theories. Some believe it is a relic from a primitive time when dragons were less like reptiles and more representative of the wide-ranging animal kingdom as a whole. Others believe magic plays a role. Since the habitat of the Arctic Dragon is largely inaccessible, very little research has been done into its past ancestry. Arctic Dragons prefer to be left alone by humans. Though they will defend themselves when attacked or provoked, they are generally gentle and kind-hearted. There are unconfirmed reports of Arctic Dragons saving wayward travelers who lost their way during blizzards, carrying them to safety and warmth.

Present Status

The total population of Arctic Dragons is unknown since they live in a largely unexplored region. However, as the coldest areas of the world begin to shrink in size, it is believed this may have a negative effect on the total population of Arctic Dragons.