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Monolophosaurus (Mon-o-low-fo-doer-us), Single Crested Lizard, lived in the Middle Jurassic of Asia. Monolophosaurus was a medium sized theropod similar in shape to allosaurids and megalosaurids, it is closely related to allosaurids but not ancestral to them. The distinct crest is similar to the small theropod Guanlong and it was suggested they are the same genera but this is considered unlikely. It shared it environment with the giant sauropod Mamenchisaurus, the large theropod Sinraptor, the stegosaur Jiangjunosaurus and the small primitive ceratopsian Yinlong.

Content List

1. Genera & species

2. Characteristics

a. Size

b. Behavior

3. History of Discovery

4. Paleoenvironment

5. References

Genera and Species

Classification: Theropoda, Tetanurae

Species: M. jiangi.

Senior synonyms: M. jiangjunmiaoi, Jiangjunmiaosaurus


Monolophosaurus had the snout ridges grow into a single distinctive low crest running from between the eyes to the nostrils. The remainder of the body is reconstructed as a generic allosaurid.


Length 5 m (17 ft).


It probably preyed upon primitive sauropods and stegosaurs much like the North American Allosaurus. The crest is too fragile for head butting but could be used as a display feature for territorial or courtship contests.

History of Discovery

Discovered by Zhao and Currie, in 1994. It is known from a single fossil of a skull and partial skeleton.


Found in Asia with a short rainy season, the fossil skeleton was found with evidence of water perhaps a lake shore.


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